About Me

I consider myself a hybrid consultant (technical and business). Today (Jan 2020), after my 5 years working in consulting and having the opportunity of working with many different clients from different industries and in different countries, I feel confident to share with the Community what I have learned in the different projects in which Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the main character.

Starting as a functional user, dealing with all the features, bugs and successes of the tool, and getting all the knowledge from the technical side (mainly SQL, AMPScript, HTML), integrations with other systems and always a lot of hours of consulting (my favourite part of the project) now it is time to become all this knowledge in words.




Benjamin Franklin

The ‘problem’ when you have been working implementing the same technologies for many years is that, in a way, you lose the perspective. That is also one of the main reasons I am back in the blogs world: to try to know new points of view and learn how to do the same things I did in a better way and keep growing from the professional point of view.

Trailblazer and with a restless mind

I started my journey with Marketing Cloud many years ago, Trailhead and StackExchange have been my main ‘books’ from where I am learning and sharing my knowledge.

It is impressive how collaborative is the Salesforce Community. They always have an answer to any issue you are dealing with (even to those that Salesforce Support is not able to identify or are not really well explained in the official documentation – and sometimes they are even faster than them).

I am trying to help the same way to the community and, in a way, we are helping Salesforce to improve their tools. This is for sure something that is happening: most of the improvements in every release came because of the community highlighted it. The real Ohana!