We can officially welcome the Salesforce NFT Cloud

After all the drama, rumors, go’s and no-go’s… we can finally confirm that Salesforce has officially launched the NFT Cloud.

From June ’22, Salesforce will launch a pilot, and later on, it will be generally available, but we already know that we will be able to mint, manage and sell NFTs similarly as it is currently possible on other platforms like OpenSea.io.

This is the first approach of Salesforce to the Web 3.0, where the companies will be able to interact and start launching their Non-Fungible Tokens to the community.

We still don’t know how this cloud will interact with the other platforms like Marketing Cloud or Sales Cloud, but it shows a new window with very good views to look out and discover the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

Wait, what is an NFT?

I’m glad you ask me that question. Before we jump into the details of this new NFT Cloud, let’s quickly recap the definition of NFT.

In a few words, NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, something that is not replaceable, a unique digital code that represents a unique digital item, generally related to art pieces but technically can refer to anything: images, GIFs, diplomas, video, music… and even real estate purchase contract!

39 NFT ideas & examples: The wild, the weird & the wonderful

In essence, the operation is similar to what we used to do when we were young (or not that young) when exchanging stickers of our favorite soccer players, but in this case, there is only one Cristiano Ronaldo o Leo Messi sticker, no other copies.

Imagine being the only person in the world having that sticker (similarly it happens nowadays with the art pieces). But with NFTs, this become online, accessible to anyone and from anywhere.

Everything is operated and stored in the blockchain and there are many different marketplaces where we can easily create, buy and sell them without having to write a single line of code. OpenSea.io is for example one of the most famous marketplaces.

User-friendly and eco-friendly

One of the things that were most criticized when we started to read rumors about this NFT Cloud was the sustainability topic. It is well known that the computing demand on the blockchain is becoming an issue, but it is also improving thanks to new projects and updates in the existing main blockchain where the NFTs are minted, like the Ethereum network.

In this regard, Salesforce has stated the following:

In line with our net zero emissions commitment, and to help our customers reach or stay net zero, our NFT Cloud pilot will automatically calculate carbon emissions of blockchain options, and allow the user to offset the emissions through trusted, high-quality carbon credits. Beyond our direct impact, we are collaborating with organizations, such as the Crypto Climate Accord, to drive sustainability in the Web3 space.

On the other hand, regarding the usability of the tools, Salesforce’s main strength is the learning curve, and this is key when it comes to Web 3.0 and blockchain based platforms. Not all the existing tools have properly addressed these topics, making the users see this as an obstacle to making the leap to web 3.0. But it seems it will not be the case with the Salesforce NFT Cloud (the hype is real).

Salesforce Jumps on the Web3 Train with Pilot NFT Marketplace

Also on the technical side, it will save a lot of time during the implementations, as Salesforce will ensure that the Smart Contracts are audited, validate the authenticity of NFTs, or check the crypto wallet risks.

But the adoption curve to the Web 3.0 is still the main challenge

Despite having a user-friendly tool, everyday people might not understand (yet) key elements that will become the concepts that everyone will be talking about during the upcoming years: seed phrase, wallet, minting, cryptocurrencies, metaverse, proof of stake vs proof of work, the NFT definition itself… which means that the education should be the main focus to make sure the successful adoption of the platform to the community.

Fortunately, we can already find an endless list of pages and content on the Internet (a.k.a. Google and YouTube) that translate these previous terms into our everyday language. Personally, I really encourage to sign up and learn more about NFTs to the Inevitable newsletter.

We can also find some modules on the Salesforce Trailhead to learn more about NFTs and Web 3.0:

After having a good understanding of the utility of the NFTs, companies can start looking at use cases and new possibilities to invest in.

In summary, this is a great opportunity for the companies to get involved in this new Web 3.0 era, even if the NFTs will not be part of their portfolio, but at least to understand where the new trends are driving the clients and of course, identify new business opportunities to become the pioneers.

This is just the beginning of an exciting future, welcome aboard!

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