Einstein Insights, Email Tracking beyond Open and Click Rates

When analyzing the performance of an email sent, we usually check the figures related to the Open Rate, Click Through Rate, Bounces, or the number of unsubscribes but, thanks to the Artificial Intelligence of Einstein, we can now go one step beyond by enriching that information. Are our clients engaged with our emails? Which is the day of the week when we can ensure the highest open rate? Are we oversaturating our customers? These questions and much more have now an answer thanks to Einstein Insights.

All the information provided by Einstein Analytics is based on a model confidence mainly fed by the email tracking information gathered in Marketing Cloud and the machine learning. The more emails and tracking activity, the more accurate the model confidence is.

Please find below the most relevant KPIs Einstein Analytics provides for each subject.

Engagement Scoring

Classify the customers based on the open and click rates. Which is the percentage of customers more engaged with our brand? Einstein Engagement Scoring provides very detailed dashboards that can be used to create segments based on that data or just to have an overview of the health status of our subscribers database.

Email Engagement Prediction

Messaging Insights

Would you like to receive alerts when there is a change in the performance of a single email sends or from a journey? Based on the Open Rate, Click Rate, and Unsubscribe Rates, Einstein Messaging Insights finds anomalously high or low results compared to the expected values, being also possible to create our own filters based on those three KPIs.

Leveraging the new Marketing Cloud Einstein features – Horizontal Blog
Einstein Messaging Insights

Send Time Optimization

This is probably one of the most interesting information for the campaign owners. Decide when to send an email can affect the performance and the revenue of the campaign. Thanks to Einstein Send Time Optimization and the machine learning, we can now rely on the artificial intelligence and the email tracking data to know which is the best send out day and time we could get the most profit from.

Firstly, we can see how many email addresses have already assigned a personalized send time from the total of customers in our database. Meaning if Einstein has enough tracking information from each customer to make an accurate prediction or not.

Send Time Optimization – Assigned subscribers

Second, we can analyze the deliver times during the week when email recipients are most likely to open the emails, so we can plan our campaign calendar in advance according to those days and time.

Send Time Optimization – When are messages more likely to be opened?

Engagement Frenquency

Are we over or undersaturating our subscribers? Which is the optimum number of email messages to send? We can easily check it having a quick look to the Einstein Engagement Frenquency dashboard, and create specific Data Extensions for undersaturated and oversaturated subscribers.

Einstein Frenquency Suggestions

Copy Insights

A good subject line can make a difference. Which are the ones are generating more engagement? Using text analytics and natural language processing, Einstein Copy Insights can analyze language factors, emotional tone, phrases that spark engagement, and the frequently used phrases from the last 90 days to provide useful insights that will help us to improve the subject line of our next campaigns.

Einstein Copy Insights – Emotional Tone Insights

Einstein Content Selection

For more advanced insights, it is also possible to show personalized email content by the time the customer opens the email thanks to Einstein Content Selection. We can upload a catalog of assets with metadata and links to the images used in Content Builder or customer profile information to help Einstein to improve its accuracy when proposing the best content to each customer.

Unité Automate with Einstein Content Tagging and Selection |
Einstein Content Selection

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