The three key pillars for a successful Marketing Cloud implementation

There are three important elements for a successful Marketing Cloud mission. Sorry for the movie fans, we are not talking about the Charlie’s Angels, The Three Musketeers, The Ghostbusters, or The Men in Black, but about a new series of kind of superheroes: the POA team.

POA is formally known as Plan Of Action but, in our case, it is related to three figures that, by covering different phases and roles during the implementation, all together will make sure that the project will succeed and grow in a very good shape.

Please welcome to Platform, Operations and Advisors teams.

Why Platform, Operation and Advisors?

During my experience as a Marketing Cloud Consultant and since I am part of Merkle Switzerland, we have identified that during our mission on different Marketing Cloud projects or any other platform with the same characteristics, there are many different streams to be covered: systems architecture, data, change management, processes, teams flows… and, in the end, the tool implementation and the set-up is probably the less critical one if all the previous work was properly covered.

That is why we identified three main teams* that can manage each stream separately, but always taking in to account that each team will have to be integrated with the other streams to make the project successful.

*The definition of these three teams has been defined as the Salesforce Marketing Technology Initiative by Isobar Switzerland within the DACH region, based on our experience with all of our clients during the last years. For more information and references, please contact Jean-François Stalder

Platform Team – Taking Marketing Cloud to the next level

Focused on the Marketing Cloud technical implementation, use cases configuration and platform optimization. Covering the most demanding skills like Technical Architects and Developers. What kind of things this team makes happen?

  • Connect Salesforce Marketing Cloud to your IT Infrastructure
  • Prepare your audience
  • Activate your channels
  • Enable your team
  • Code custom solutions
  • Implement external platforms
  • Integrate advanced Studios

… and most important: Optimize your effort

Which kind of profiles are part of this team?

  • Architect
  • Business Analyst
  • Technical Consultant
  • Functional Consultant
  • Project Manager

Our MarTech Platform Lead – Tommaso Concato

Operations Team – Making you Go-To-Market plans a reality

Managed services can be game-changing for professional service firms. This team allows companies to orchestrate the implementation between the different stakeholders, stabilize the profits and help companies to take a long-term perspective. How?

  • Covering the marketing and technology gap
  • Executing automated Global campaigns
  • Definition and development of omni-channel communications
  • Optimize the way you work with Marketing Cloud
  • Measure KPIs to improve 1:1 consumer engagement
  • Support your marketing tarnsformation journey with campaign analytics and technical support

Who are part of this team?

  • Omni-Channel Campaign Manager
  • Project Manager Marketing Operations
  • SFMC Creative Developer
  • SFMC Developer
  • QA Tester

Our MarTech Operations Lead – Srijeet Das

Advisors Team – Driving the companies to success

That famous quote “adapt or loose” is probably the best way to define the situation that most of the companies had to face during the COVID-19 crisis. Transform their business from in-person experiences to digital experiences is being the biggest challenge. So that, and as part of any other type of transformation, the advisory team has highly specialized resources with verticals on Industry, Language, Salesforce Products and Company Size to help companies to adapt their business to every situation.

This team is for the companies the lighthouse that help to drive the company into a successful journey.

Our MarTech Advisor Lead – Gianluigi Morselli

What is next?

We just started this new journey, with a big and diverse team, and I am really proud of being part of it. Would you like to know more about it? We are happy to help you. Please feel free to leave your comment or contact us directly on LinkedIn!

Stay tuned!

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